BDS activists sign petition calling for a boycott of a match that...

BDS activists sign petition calling for a boycott of a match that has already taken place


Red Card Israeli Racism’s Avaaz petition beseeching Cardiff City to pull out of a match against Ironi Kiryat Shmona continues to attract signatures in a bid to reach its target of 2,000, even though the match has in fact, already taken place.

At time of writing, the petition was still live two days after the match took place on 21 July where Cardiff City won 2-0.

There are three potential explanations for this:

Explanation Number 1) Red Card Israeli Racism have worked out a way of retrospectively boycotting sporting events. If so, we would like to extend our warm congratulations to them on both obtaining the means to travel in time and to also resolve the myriad of logical paradoxes that such an activity entails. Great work guys.

If this seems a little far-fetched, then there is Explanation Number 2) Red Card Israeli Racism, so devastated by the failure of their online attack, the success of which they thought inevitable, forgot to close their petition. We wish them the very best in this difficult time.

Or, more cynically, Explanation Number 3) Red Card Israeli Racism have neither resolved the eternal question of time travel, nor are incompetent with grief, but are hoping as many people as possible sign it and that no one looks at the dates of the most recent signatures. That way, they have evidence of a groundswell of anti-Israel feeling amongst ordinary Cardiff fans. Sneaky.

Now, on the subject of ordinary Cardiff fans, I was surprised by a few of the signatures on the petition, with some coming from as far away as Indonesia. Israel Hate Watch wouldn’t normally extend advice to those in the boycott movement, but would gently suggest that an online petition signed by people with no connection to a club, or country for that matter, is an ineffective way of meeting objectives. If it turns out that the person from Indonesia who did sign two days after the match took place had originally been planning on attending the match and had cancelled their flights and torn up their tickets in disgust, we are more than prepared to retract.


Avaaz Cardiff City petition


Israel Hate Watch has a few concerns about the petition itself.

For a start, research seemed to be lacking with regards to the text of the petition. The opening sentence claims that, ‘Israel uses football to present itself as a normal European state’. This is false. Israel does not attempt to present itself as an ordinary European state.   One can only assume that this is a reference to Israel’s membership of European football bodies. There is a simple reason for this membership. Far from being part of some active elaborate propaganda effort, Israel’s membership is a result of its neighbours barring it from joining its regional association, purely on the grounds of its existence.

Secondly, the organisation behind the petition, Red Card Israeli Racism, lists a number of troublesome organisations that support them on their website. Israel Hate Watch was concerned to see Friends of Al-Aqsa listed amongst them, founded as it was, by Ismail Patel, who declares that, ‘Hamas is no terrorist organisation. The reason they hate Hamas is because they refuse to be subjugated, occupied by the Israeli state, and we salute Hamas for standing up to Israel.’ Also on the list was Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, a small organisation whose Facebook page is a hot bed of anti-Semitism, with an honourable mention going to Amer Al-bayya’s post that read, ‘WAKE UP, AMERICA—-WAKE UP… STOP ALL DIRTY ZIONISTS IN USA, UK….. NO MORE — WAKE UP , AMERICANS — WAKE UP….’. Are you awake now?

Poor organisation, bad tactics, and questionable supporters explains why this organisation, which decries ‘Israeli Trangressions [sic] against Palestinian sports’, still has a very long way to go.


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