Editor’s note: this blog post comes from a Twitter thread, posted by David Collier, an independent writer and researcher fighting for truth who has been listed in top 100 people “positively influencing Jewish life”. View his Twitter feed @mishtal or visit his website

Below are a few pointers for those up against the anti-Israel Twitter crowd. A really quick guide to their nonsense: 16 simple points on Antisemitism, the Jews, Arabs, the conflict, ‘Apartheid’ ‘racism’ and Zionism.

Claim one: Antisemitism allegations are to stop criticism of Israel

‘Stop criticising Israel’ – said no Zionist ever. People are free to criticise Israel. Antisemitism allegations are about stopping antisemitism. Calling all Brits child-killers because of the Iraq War isn’t criticism.

Claim two: Israel is an Apartheid state

Israel is a fully functioning democracy. It has experienced conflict and has those outside that want to destroy it. The cousin of an Israeli from Haifa could be living in Ramallah = this is not a division by race.

Claim three: Zionism is racism

Is a refuge for women a sexist endeavour? Would anyone look at groups of angry men outside the women’s refuge (like Hamas / Hezbollah) and tell the women to open the door?

Claim four: Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism

What a straw man. Antisemitism is antisemitism. Empty slogans should not be deployed to shield racism. If someone has crossed out the word Jew and replaced it with Zionist – he is an antisemite whatever he calls himself.

Claim five: the Nation State Law is racist

Don’t confuse individual rights with majority rights. My rights as an individual in the UK are protected. But the UK has trading laws for Sunday not Saturday. It celebrates Christmas not Rosh Hashana – that’s okay – these things aren’t racism.

Claim six: the Zionists just need to withdraw to give Palestinians peace

Every time Israel has ceded territory unilaterally the void has been filled by radical Islamic terror groups. The last time – in Gaza, Hamas took control and brought their citizens (and Israel) nothing but conflict

Claim seven: Arabs and Jews lived in peace before Zionism

Poppycock. Different levels of oppression and persecution always existed. Christians fled the area decades before Zionism. Jews were never more than second class citizens with restrictions over what they could and couldn’t do

Claim eight: only the Zionists have stopped the Palestinians having a state

From 1949-1967 not 1cm of the West Bank / Gaza was in Israel’s hands. It was all controlled by the Arabs. What happened? They didn’t declare a state. Instead they created the PLO to go after the bit the Jews held

Claim nine: a secular one state solution is the best solution

Nobody wants this. Nobody. The secular one state idea is western colonial thought dressed up as a progressive movement. White people telling ‘the natives’ thousands of miles away how they should live and where to draw their borders

Claim ten: BDS is a Palestinian ‘call from within’

More poppycock. There is no civil society in most Palestinian areas (as we understand it). BDS was a western idea that used a few Palestinian NGOs as puppets for faux legitimacy. Most Palestinians probably don’t even know what it is.

Claim eleven: BDS only seeks an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank/Gaza

This is only said by people that have either never read the BDS aims,, or simply do not understand them. The implementation of the 3 BDS goals brings about the end of Israel. Period.

Claim twelve: partition was a result of Zionist terror

Partition was a result of Arab violence. The British first realised partition was the best option in 1937. The reason? Arab violence. The Mandate was a 1 state solution that failed because groups of Arabs would not stop killing Jews

Claim thirteen: the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis

A vile thing to say to Jews. Everybody ‘dealt’ with the Nazis. They were the government of Germany for years. The UK even made a peace deal with them. You may as well say Israel & Hamas collaborated because they arranged a prisoner swap.

Claim fourteen: but, the ‘Nakba’

There was a brutal civil conflict. 1% of the Jewish population died. Thousands of Arab irregular forces infiltrated into the conflict zone long before the Haganah went on the offensive (to survive). The Arabs opted for war – they lost

Claim fifteen: the Jews had to expel the Arabs to ensure a Jewish majority

That’s propaganda for idiots. There were 50000 Jews trapped in camps on Cyprus and hundreds of thousands in DP camps in Europe These people are always discounted when anti-Israel activists play the numbers game.

Claim sixteen: So what’s your solution?

I don’t have one. I’ve seen the Arabs throw away peace deal after peace deal. They responded to Oslo with suicide bombings. When the option was peace or violence the 2nd Intifada exploded. If they are ever ready to accept Israel – peace will come.


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