Hate 1 Peace 0

Hate 1 Peace 0


As you can see from the comments of Edinburgh University Student, Daniel Yahia, who is also a NUS delegate for the University vile expressions of hatred of Israel are still unfortunately alive and kicking on UK campuses.

Yahia is a Celtic football fan, and images from Israeli footballer, Nir Bitton, uploaded on facebook showing support for the IDF and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu made him reach breaking point.

Reacting to the posts he wrote among other hateful statements on Facebook  “Sick of seeing Celtic fans creaming themselves over Nir Bitton. We are a club open to all, that cannot be disputed, but by all, we mean humans, of difference creeds, races and religions. Zionists are subhuman and, Nir Bitton is a filthy, Zionist rat.”


You can read more about Yahia’s disgraceful and ill-informed diatribe against Bitton and on Zionism in the Jewish news article here: http://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/edinburgh-nus-delegate-calls-zionists-sub-human-rats/

This latest episode shows that Israel Hate Watch is needed to expose those who hate Israel and to make it clear that demonising a footballer just for being Israeli is disgraceful.


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