Israel-haters rejoice as fires threaten lives

Israel-haters rejoice as fires threaten lives


Israel-haters rejoiced last weekend, last week and this week as fires burnt throughout Israel, threatening lives and destroying homes.

The dry, windy autumn created the conditions for forest fires to spread quickly. In the Carmel Forest in the north of Israel and the forests around Jerusalem, fires moved towards towns and burnt houses while Israel scrambled to evacuate the residents.

The initial fires were natural but there is strong evidence that some were started by Palestinian arsonists, making some of the fires effectively terrorist acts. Due to this arrests have been made.

The world rallied to help fight the fires with countries like Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, the USA and the UK all sending fire planes and teams of firefighters. Even the Palestinian Authority sent some fire trucks.

Sadly in contrast to the solidarity many nations had shown with Israel in dealing with the devastation caused by the fires all over Twitter though, Israel haters celebrated. Starting in Arabic and then later in English, the #Israelisburning hashtag trended worldwide as people posted disgusting comments hoping for more fires and deaths. It was an example of attempting to dehumanise Israel, as you can see from some of the tweets below.





According to Ynet, one tweeter said in Arabic “All of Israel’s neighbors must aid it—I suggest they send planes filled with gasoline and rain it down on the burning areas. I want to inhale the smell of barbecue from the Zionists” 

Despite the initial joy of these hateful messages, there were also many supportive tweets posted too. By Sunday, the #Israelisburning hashtag was filled with messages of sympathy and hope, showing that in spite of the attempts of those who hate Israel, there are many who stand with the many Israel who have suffered due to the fires. You can see some of these tweets here:


Israel with the help of many in the international community have now been able to start to get the fires under control.


Israel is also looking to bring to justice those who have been behind some of the deliberate arson attacks and to this end Israeli security forces have also arrested Palestinians believed to be behind some of the arson attacks.


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