NUS finally decided to focus on things that matter: students

NUS finally decided to focus on things that matter: students


This year’s NUS Conference was a successful one for supporters of the state of Israel.

The yearly farce of pushing BDS forward and delegitimising the state of Israel failed miserably. Delegates instead chose to push it further down the order list of motions to be debated, and with so many more important motions coming before it, NUS finally decided to focus on things that matter so much more: students.

The motion wasn’t even close to being reached before the debate on motions within the Society and Citizenship section abruptly closed.

Whilst a few candidates couldn’t resist mentioning ‘free Palestine’ in the context of other speeches, this was as far as the Israel bashing went. Malia’s cowardly decision to close conference by screaming ‘free Palestine,’ followed by the tears of her supporters, represented the outgoing nature of this incessant hatred within the movement.

In terms of candidates, we knew already that we could count on five out of six candidates to not focus an agenda around needless Israel bashing. For the final candidate, Ali Milani, after his prior antisemitic comments, it remains to be seen.

Our new President, who far outshone the outgoing Malia Bouttia (I need not say much about her), has visited Israel with UJS, and to me has always come across as someone with a moderate voice. We have much to be excited about with the election of Shakira Martin. She’s a seasoned student politician but one with a track record of focusing on the things most important to the NUS; students, rather than rallying around needless virtue signalling.

This isn’t my most detailed report, nor is it the best written, especially after three days of campaigning and dealing with factions. But as someone who has a record of calling out anti-Zionism and antisemitism through my work at the Pinsker Centre, trust me when I say this year’s NUS Conference was a huge success.


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