Questions that need to be answered

Questions that need to be answered


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Dear Malia,

As Presidents of Jewish Societies on campuses across the UK we have become extremely concerned by some of your past rhetoric. We feel that this is an issue that requires immediate answers considering your candidacy for NUS President in next week’s election.

We were recently made aware of an article you co-wrote in 2011 where you explained your experiences in Birmingham. You referred to the University of Birmingham as a “Zionist outpost” and referenced that it has the “largest [Jewish Society] in the country” when describing the challenges you were facing at the time.

There are roughly 8,500 Jewish students in the UK which is 0.12% of the seven million students that are represented by NUS. We are shocked that someone who is seeking to represent this organisation could possibly see a large Jewish student population as a challenge and not something to be welcomed.

Our question for you is clear: why do you see a large Jewish Society as a problem?

We fear that comments such as these will only hamper the amazing interfaith relations present on campuses across the country.  Describing large Jewish societies as a challenge is the politics of division and not solidarity which should be the case.

We are also aware that these comments are not isolated.  Just recently you explained at an event at SOAS that the government Prevent strategy is the result of a so called ‘Zionist lobby’.  By peddling these conspiracy theories to student audiences we are concerned that you are creating an element of suspicion towards Jewish students on campus.

Lastly we are concerned by your relationship with Raza Nadim and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK).  MPACUK have been no-platformed by NUS since 2004 after publishing material on its website promoting the idea of a worldwide Zionist conspiracy, including the reproduction of articles originally published on neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial websites. MPACUK even posted “Take your holocaust, roll it nice and tight and shove it up your (be creative)!” on their Facebook page in 2013.

We were also worried to see that MPACUK spokesperson, Raza Nadim, used his public Facebook profile (which is almost completely devoted to MPACUK) to endorse your bid to become President of NUS.  We were hoping that this was something that you would distance yourself from but the opposite happened when you replied “Thank you :-))”.

As representatives of Jewish students across the UK, we call on you to clarify your relationship with MPACUK and its spokesperson Raza Nadim. If you are elected as NUS President, will you continue to interact with an organisation NUS has no-platformed due to antisemitism?

The answers to the questions raised in this letter are vital to our understanding of your approach to Jewish students and Jewish societies, and your commitment to creating cohesive campus communities if elected NUS President.  We hope you will be able to shed some light on these issues in order to reassure our membership.

Yours sincerely,


Daniel Clements, President, Birmingham,
Jonathan Davis, Co-President, Imperial
Rachel Landsberg, Co-President, Westminster
Adam Schapira, President, UCL
Avrahum Sanger, President, SOAS
Saul Yardley, President, KCL
Leanne Mitchell, President, Middlesex
Raphael Waller, President, Brunel
Harrison Goldman, President, Courtauld
Laura Scarrot, President, Birkbeck
Helen Mozer, President, Bournemouth
Menachem Fehler, President, Hertfordshire
David Slomianski, President, Kent
Esther Malkinson, President, Loughborough
Sam Shindler-Glass, President, Warwick
Josephine Davidoff, President, Coventry
Gabriella Steuer, Co-President, LSE
Kathryn Rose, President, St Andrews
Ben Bresloff, President, Newcastle
Simon Zeffertt, President, Durham
Joshua Woolf, Vice-President, Lancaster
Hanna Ferencz, President, York
Noam Yosseff, President, Sheffield
Dana Winter, President, Leeds
Jenni Heaney, President, Hull
Michali Belovski, President, City & Cass
Annaelle Harris, President, Aberdeen
Aron Carr, Co-President, Cambridge
Elena Stagni, Co-President, Cambridge
Ben Assor, Aston, Chair
Binyomin Gilbert, President, Goldsmiths
Hannah Brady, President, UJS
Josh Seitler, President-elect, UJS
David Nezri, President, Swansea
Salomé Taieb, President, Bath
Gabriella Benson, President, Salford
Ella Bazini, President, Bristol
Jamie Wilder, President, Southampton
Levi Epstein, Co-President, LSE
Isaac Virchis, President, Oxford
Oliver Jay, President, Liverpool
Mikey Beder, President, Oxford Brookes
Lisa Igel, President, Queen Mary & Barts
Clark Norton, President, Nottingham
Lawrence Rosenberg, President, Manchester
Lucie Webber, President, Cardiff
Gabor Szekely, Co-President, Brighton & Sussex
Miriam Collins, President, Aston University
Eliana Medalie, Birmingham City University Chair
Josh Aroesti, President, Reading
Jake Sugarman, UoB Chair, Birmingham
Dan Black, President, Sheffield Hallam
Samuel Massias, Co-President, St George’s
Lea Balint, President, Glasgow
Zoe Hillman, President, University of the Arts London
Abi Newman, Co-President, Imperial


Additions in solidarity:


Naomi Magnus, Cambridge
Asher Rosen
Harry Richer, Cambridge
Airlie Ogilvie, SOAS
Josh Brickman, Leeds
Omri Shirion, Nottingham
Abigail Barnett, Birmingham
Hannah Haddad, Bristol
Adam Kramer, Westminster
Tim Hart
Hannah Russ, Reading
Katie Webb, Birmingham
Daniel Fainman, Birmingham
David Saunders, Nottingham
Liron Velleman, Leeds
Zachary Wolfson, Nottingham
Hannah Rose, Bristol
Baruch Gillinsky, Oxford
Jordan Weinfeld, Birmingham
Elissa Shalom, Birmingham
Yosef Tarshish, Chairperson, World Union of Jewish Students
Gabriel Phillips, Edinburgh
Collette Green, Birmingham
Jonathan Shamir, Cambridge
Ollie Collins, Birmingham
Hannah Auerbach, St Andrews
Oliver Gordan, Birmingham
Richard Cubitt, Bristol
Daniel Jacobs, Birmingham
Avigayil Fishburn, Birmingham
Jake Goldman, Durham
Alex Matthews, Cambridge
Jamie Gance, Bristol
Joseph Wagman, Birmingham
Jay Harris, Birmingham
Tanya Maxwell, Birmingham
Daniel Zackon, Bristol
Joel Collick, Cambridge
Ieuan Joy, Aberystwyth
Adam Woolf, Cambridge
Joshua Peters, Cambridge
Adam Zinkin, St Andrews
Jordan Mizrahi, Bristol
Gabriella Soffer, City
David Robinson, Birmingham
Matt Corden, Newcastle
Tory Selwyn, Liverpool
Benjamin Brookarsh, Birmingham
Enrico Hallworth, Cambridge
Tabitha Carey, Cambridge
Ellie Bishop, Cambridge
Nathan Weinstein, Birmingham
Dina Feddy, Birmingham
Hannah Rose, UCL
Dominic McGough, Cambridge
Luke Caldecott, Birmingham
Rory Copeland, Cambridge
Svenja Granderath, Cambridge
Bradley Langer, Coventry
Rafi Cohen, UCL
Daniel Lande, Oxford
Sarah Manuel, Bristol
Elliot Steene, Cambridge
Alice Braybrook, Cambridge
Benjamin Burman, Birmingham
Alex Barnett, Cambridge
Louis McEvoy, Oxford
Harry Ingram, Bristol
Ella Taylor, Oxford
Tomas Guilliatt-Griggs, Cambridge
Charles Peto, Oxford
Richard Lane, Cambridge
David Browne, Exeter
Alexander Curtis, Oxford
Josephine Barnett-Neefs, Oxford
Hannah Williams, Southampton
Alex Garrido, Birmingham
Bradley Rains, UAL
Marcell Horvath, Glasgow
Ilan Selby, St Andrews
Zack Grant, Oxford
Mashal Iftikhar, Oxford
Joel Salmon, St Andrews
Angus Fraser
Matt Sumpton, Oxford NUS Delegate
Zakariah Ajjane, University of the West of England
Matthew Hull, Oxford
Shira Abkin
Aaron Simons, Oxford
Harley Vincent, Huddersfield
Aimee Shulton, UCL
Jacob Brennan, Oxford
Natasha Garbacz
Joshua Holt, Nottingham
Ben Shenkin, Warwick
Aaron Seres, Warwick
Maria Krylova, Huddersfield
Eddie Millett, Cambridge
Marc Rister, Warwick
Lewis Woolfson, St Andrews
Tiphaera Ziner Cohen, St Andrews
David Miron, Oxford
Alejandra Ruvinsky
Adam Hilsenrath, Oxford
Vineet Naik, Cambridge
Yoni Stone, Oxford
Joshua Rom, Nottingham
Chloe Factor, Leeds
Tami Nussbaum, Imperial
Greg Alexander, Oxford
Dani Jacobson
Richard Black, Oxford
Charles Styles, Oxford
Frey Kwa Hawking, Oxford
Aaron Haviland, Huddersfield
Joseph Benedyk, Cambridge
Sam Philpott, Cambridge
Sophie Marie, Cambridge
Luisa Peres, Imperial and Barts/Queen Mary
Taliya Ambalo, Birmingham
Tula Geliot, Cambridge
Toby Davis, Southampton


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