This week The Guardian published an editorial on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Published the day after a Palestinian sniper nearly killed an Israeli soldier, it was a shockingly one-sided tale of half-truths, untruths, and simple lies.

The editorial can be found here:

The editorial opens with a focus on the Palestinians that have been hurt in protests, including children, without asking why children are present at often violent demonstrations along the border with Israel.

It forgets to point out that Hamas has played a vital and leading role in organising these weekly protests, or riots. Hamas have made numerous statements saying they want to erase the border and invade Israel.

The piece fails to mention that pipe bombs and grenades are thrown at the fence and Israeli soldiers and that there have been many attempts to breach the border.

It also omits to mention that non-lethal measures are used to ensure a distance between riots and the fence and live fire is only used if this does not succeed. It does notthat the IDF communicates in Arabic to demonstrators that protests may take place provided they are clear of the border

Ultimately this editorial has a rambling tone, making numerous and unjustified lateral moves, in an apparent attempt to simply express anger at Israel, without any attempt to cogently discuss the facts and reality of the situation.



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