Student anger after “terror” vigil at University of Leeds

Student anger after “terror” vigil at University of Leeds


Note: The following piece was originally published in the Jewish Chronicle on 22 October 2015.

Members of a pro-Palestinian student society held a vigil outside the University of Leeds students union for Palestinian “victims of the recent wave of violence”. The list included some of those who were suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.

Around 20 students from the Palestinian Solidarity Group gathered outside the union and held up a banner titled “Names of Palestinians murdered since the start of October 2015”. Jewish students noticed that of the 51 listed, several were the names of terrorists involved in attacks on Israelis.

According to reports one of those named, Bahaa Alian, was involved in a gun and knife attack on a bus. Another, Alaa Abu Jamal, was involved in a car ramming and knife attack.

Leeds Jewish student Daniel Levy said: “I was disappointed to see PSG effectively whitewashing terrorism, but even more disappointed that Leeds University union would allow it to take place on campus. I would have hoped that they wouldn’t allow this in the same way they wouldn’t allow this for the terrorists who killed Lee Rigby.”


Note: The following statement by Leeds Jewish Society was originally published on the Union of Jewish Students’ website.

Leeds Jewish Society was shocked at the Leeds Palestine Solidarity Group’s (PSG) actions yesterday during their ‘vigil’.

Since the beginning of October we have seen an increase of violence in Israel.  On a daily basis there have been attempts to stab Israelis in the street, too many of which ending in death and serious injury. Regardless of your opinions on Israel politically, this is not acceptable.

It is therefore outrageous for Leeds PSG to include on a list of those ‘murdered by Israel’ the names of those killed in the act of stabbing other human beings.  Either the members of PSG were ignorant of these facts when the list was compiled or they are actively excusing these acts.  In either case they should be condemned.

Leeds Jewish Society believes that every additional death in this conflict is a tragedy.  Peace will not be achieved when people are excusing cold-blooded murder.



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