A terrorist attack in Jerusalem leads to an outpouring of hate

A terrorist attack in Jerusalem leads to an outpouring of hate

Image from the IDF's twitter account.

Tragically yesterday afternoon 4 Israeli soldiers were killed and at least 16 more injured including two extremely seriously when a truck driver drove into the soldiers and then reversed back and forth. The group of Israeli soldiers who were the focus of this terrorist attack were on a promenade in the Armon Hanatziv neighbourhood of Jerusalem which is a popular tourist hotspot.

What really hit home to me as someone who is 26 and considers myself young is how young the four Israeli soldiers were who were murdered they literally had their whole lives ahead of them.

Lieutenant Yael Yekutiel was only 20, Cadet Shir Hajaj only a couple of years older at 22, Cadet Shira Tzur only 20 and Cadet Erez Orbach just 20 as well. My heart goes out to their families who must be going through unimaginable pain right now.

Then there’s this video courtesy of Luke Tress a video journalist for the Times of Israel which shows the grisly aftermath.


Now though, my feelings turn from sadness to anger, because I find it incomprehensible that anyone who considers themselves a human being regardless of their politics first response to this vile terror attack is to either lick their lips with glee at the thought of Israelis dying or praise the terrorist who committed this heinous act and who I will not dignify by naming as a hero or martyr.

The individuals and organisations I highlight below have once again used the tragedy of a terrorist attack to glorify terrorism or express their full hated of Israel, represent a lack of humanity caused by an insatiable lust to see Israelis harmed.

First up to the plate was Fatah. As exposed by Oren Kessler, the Deputy Director for Research at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, the following tweet came from the official account of Fatah.

Fatah is an organisation the world fetes as the moderate Palestinian leadership committed to a two state solution and negotiations with Israel to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians. This ugly tweet suggests otherwise.

Of course wherever Fatah goes Hamas, an organisation which in its own charter quotes the protocols of the Elders of Zion, will go to amazing lengths to show they hate Israel more and have even more affinity with terrorism. Given that Hamas is still an active terror organisation unsurprisingly they did not disappoint:

As this Times of Israel article highlights Hamas’s military wing Ab-Din Al-Qassam Brigades praised the vehicular terrorist attack as heroic. There are many words I could use to describe the terrorist attack, all of them the exact opposite of heroic.  This video from the IDF also highlights the celebratory mood Hamas was in.

Members of the terrorist’s family also joined in the hate with Elior Levy, The Palestinian Affairs Correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, saying the terrorist’s sister had said the following:

That’s right, apparently the horrific destruction which the terrorist caused was apparently God’s work. Given my understanding of godliness is that it is meant to be about representing the best of humanity I cannot think of anything more inappropriate.

Then as highlighted by Yair Rosenberg, the Senior Writer of Tablet Mag, you have some like Ali Abunimah, the co-founder of online site The Electronic Intifada, who believe nothing Israel says and are therefore convinced based on no evidence whatsoever that the terrorist attack is made up:

I’ve reserved the worst until the end highlighted by Ilan Ben Zion a reporter for the Times of Israel.

That one cartoon for me sums up an environment where antisemitism flows and the murder of Israelis by terrorists is glorified as heroic. If this environment of hatred is not defeated then peace which is what Israelis and Palestinians yearn for cannot be achieved.


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