The exhibition commemorating terror

The exhibition commemorating terror

Photo by Mark Hillary

On 22 October, LSE SU Palestinian Society hosted a walking exhibition commemorating Palestinian deaths from the current ‘knife intifada.’

Since the so-called knife intifada began, innocent civilians have died on both sides.

In October alone, 12 Israeli’s were killed, 127 wounded, 36 attackers killed, and 15 wounded, in the recent wave of terror.

The LSE exhibition did not commemorate the deaths of innocents on both sides nor did it just commemorate the deaths of innocents on the Palestinian side. Some of the people featured in the exhibition were none other than the attackers of Israeli civilians.

LSE SU Israel Society took the liberty to annotate some of PalSoc’s flyers with the truth about the deaths commemorated.

lse flyer

In the flyer above, LSE SU PalSoc commemorate the people who were killed “in their resistance to the Israeli occupation.” Before even listing the names of the deceased, PalSoc seem to be justifying terrorist activity.

The names mentioned are not innocent civilians caught up in the conflict, but, rather terrorists.

Mohannad Habibi – On 3 October 2015, Muhannad went on a stabbing rampage, killing two people, and injuring two more including a two year old baby.

Amjad Hatem al-Jundi – On October 7 2015, Amjad stabbed a soldier and stole his gun.

Thaer Abu Ghazala – On October 8 2015, Thaer stabbed five people in Tel Aviv. This included two women aged forty and sixty, two men aged thirty and forty, plus a female soldier.

Mohammad al-Ja’bari – On October 9 2015, Muhamad attempted to stab an Israeli Border Police officer in Kiryat Arba.

Ishaq Badran – On October 10 2015, Ishaq stabbed two men in their sixties in Jerusalem.

lse flyer 2

This flyer is not much better, again there are names featured who attacked innocent Israelis.

Besides a few duplicate names, Mohammad Ali, Hassan Manasrah and Mohamad Shamasna are mentioned.

Mohammad Ali – On 10 October, Mohammad stabbed an IDF officer in the neck.

Hassan Manasrah – On 11 October, Hassan alongside his brother, stabbed three people in Jerusalem Pisgat Ze’ev, including a 13 year old boy riding his bicycle.

Mohamad Shamasna – On 12 October, Mohamad stabbed two people in Jerusalem.

One has to wonder if LSE PALSOC did no research into the names they decided to exhibit or if they actual support this ‘resistance.’

Another flyer which featured in the exhibition was this one below:

lse flyer 3

This flyer discusses the intifada(s) and endorses them.

Once again, LSE Israel Society has kindly annotated the flyer.

They have provided figures of what LSE PalSoc are endorsing including the murder of 1137 men women and children.

After numerous complaints to the Student Union, LSESU released the following statement:

“The Israeli and Palestinian conflict is highly contentious both in wider society and indeed within our Union. Year on year, there has been a healthy relationship between both the Israel and Palestine society and we work to ensure good campus relations between both sides.

The Palestinian Society followed all of our existing processes in setting up this exhibition. What this investigation has highlighted is a need to review our framework for how we facilitate activities of a sensitive nature in our SU building in the future.

Some of the images of killed Palestinian teenagers and children were clearly distressing. These images were graphic and intended to provoke discussion and reflection. The location of the images, in our building, meant that students did not have a choice whether they saw these images which, due to their nature, can have a triggering effect. We aim to maintain the welfare of all students and in this instance, the nature of the exhibition meant that this was compromised. We apologise to any student who was upset by the images.

Some of the language has led to complaints that the Society was glorifying terrorism, but we’re satisfied with the Society’s explanation that they were attempting to recognise that Palestinians are dying as a result of the recent escalation of the conflict. Complaints may have been mitigated if the Society put the context in which those people had died, but they were under no obligation to and there is nothing to stop another student providing this information.

We want to see a healthy and robust debate on campus around Israel and Palestine, but we need everyone contributing to be sensitive that both Israeli and Palestinian students at LSE will know people that have died, and that we all have an interest in seeing an end to this conflict.”

The SU apologised for the graphic imagery but fail to take responsibility that the PalSoc endorsed terrorism on campus. The exhibition did not only “recognise that Palestinians are dying as a result of the recent escalation of the conflict” but also recognised the “legitimacy” of the first and second intifada plus other uprisings within the conflict. This is glorifying terrorism.

Unfortunately there are innocent Palestinians who have died in the conflict. They should have been commemorated, not people who have actively sought to take other people’s lives.   Or maybe a joint exhibition where one can really prove that “we all have an interest in seeing an end this conflict.” Let’s end it together, not join it.


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