UK General Election Turns into a Vote on Israel

UK General Election Turns into a Vote on Israel


On 7 May 2015 the UK population went to the polls to vote for a new Government.

As we now know, the Conservative party won the most seats and have been able to form a majority government. This was against all predictions.

According to’s forecast, Labour, SNP, the Greens, and a few other small parties were to win a total of 337 seats combined, taking enough to keep the Tories out. These predictions became the center of all electoral campaigns. For Labour, the Greens, and SNP the main catchphrase was “keep the Tories out.” For Conservatives, “coalition of chaos” became their punchline.

Sometimes it was hard to remember that these elections were more than just Conservative vs Labour / Cameron vs Miliband. These parties actually had manifestos too. More so, these parties had individual candidates in each constituency hoping to be elected into Parliament.

Cameron vs Miliband took center-stage, leaving little room for the media to pick-up local candidate bashing.


The flyer below was given out in the Glasgow South constituency. It targets former Labour MP Tom Harris.

Reason to not vote for Tom Harris: He is pro-Israel.

This flyer does not tackle domestic issues or highlight what Tom has/has not done in Parliament. All a voter needs to know is that Tom Harris is pro-Israel. DANGER DANGER.

Inside the tinted box on the flyer, there are three separate columns addressing Tom in three separate ways; “Harris,” “Zionist Tom Harris,” and “Tom Harris.”

Why does “Zionist” need to be before his name? Why is the first word after apartheid “Zionist”? Why is “Harris/Tom Harris” good enough under “xenophobia” and “the war monger” but further labels need to be applied under apartheid?

It almost seems derogatory when there is no reason for it to be. Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people have the right to a state of their own. If one believes in the right of self-determination of other peoples why should it be different for the Jewish people?

The flyer aims to “stop support for apartheid” i.e. Israel. This is delegitimisation of Israel in one of its highest forms. Israel is not an apartheid state, nor should it be compared to one. Arab’s serve in the Knesset, on the Supreme Court and in the Israeli army. Arab’s also attend the same universities as Jews and are free to travel on the same transport system.


This flyer was not the only piece of ‘literature’ which made the UK General Election about Israel.

The poster below provides a list of Parties supporting Israel (have a Friends of Israel group” or in their words “genocide.”

Parties Supporting Genocide GE2015

Genocide is another delegitimising tactic used to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. By likening 6 million Jews and 1 million gypsies, homosexuals, and disabled people killed to Israel today is belittling the horrors of the Holocaust.

Of course, the people behind these posters probably didn’t mean to delegitimise Israel. After all, which kind of person turns up to a UK General Election only with anti-Israel propaganda?