This week’s tweets of shame

This week’s tweets of shame


Sadly although Twitter is mainly a force for good, some use it to express hatred of Israel.

Every week Israel Hate Watch will seek to expose offensive tweets. This week’s top 4 are the following.

When Sadiq Khan supported Owen Smith as the next leader of the Labour Party, one tweeter thought it was acceptable to tweet the following. This tweet which shows Sadiq Khan with a Kippah at a Jewish event is a clear reference to offensive ideas about Jewish control of politics.

Tweet to Sadiq Khan

Sadly this wasn’t the only example of abuse Sadiq Khan faced, merely for thinking that Jeremy Corbyn shouldn’t be re-elected as leader of the Labour Party. The tweet below suggesting Israel controls Sadiq Khan:

Tweet to Sadiq Khan 2


Talking about the Shalom Festival which she protested outside against, anti-Zionist Alison Chabloz as highlighted by Jewish News Reporter, Jack Mendel, couldn’t resist a spot of denying the truth of the Holocaust when she said in her blog:

“The Jewish Chronicle claims the protest ‘gave an opportunity’ for people to perform Nazi salutes. Was this reported to one of the 12+ policeman on duty or other security guards outside Central Hall? As yet, the accusers have failed to provide any evidence. Similarly, and for the past seventy years, nobody has been able to produce a photograph or indeed any physical evidence of any Nazi gas chamber, but we’re expected to believe that too.”

Jack mendel highlighting holocaust denial

Rather than apologise Alison Chabloz then went on the offensive:

Alison Chabloz

We end with Ali Abunimah from Electronic Intifada, who describes Jewish people making Aliyah to Israel as potential fighters for a terror group:

Ali Abunimah


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